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We are holding off all production until further notice

We are currently finalizing research and development of our new product lines and seeking 

all necessary patents. 

We will be proudly introducing our new product...The Quick Hitch, trailer hitch guide system.

As well, after several years on the market, we have recognised that there is a change needed with

the ATV Risers currently being offered to the public. 

We will be unveiling our completely re-designed, more universal ATV Riser...

Black Widow Risers

Since 1996 we have been involved in heavy industrial construction & maintenance focusing on Saskatchewan and Alberta's Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Grain processing and Mining industries, as well as Heavy Truck and Trailer manufacturing and repair.  In 2008 we formed Torch River Manufacturing to focus on aluminum and steel product fabrication.

Torch River Manufacturing is the home of the "Tow Buddy" car dolly, as well as our aluminum ATV / UTV Risers.  We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.  Our goal has always been and will continue to be, to build the best products in the market, backing it up with industry leading pricing and warranty.!

We will return in the spring with a new improved ATV / UTV Riser, giving you even more storage room under your quad and allowing you to haul even longer quads in your pickup!!  Watch for updates!!

As well, we will be launching our new "Quick Hitch" trailer hitch guide.  A must have if you have ever tried to hook on to a trailer by yourself!  Now you can get it the first time, every time!!

 Torch River Manufacturing
Nipawin, SK 

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